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Sobibór: 2014 Archeological Dig Contradicts Earlier “Gas Chamber” Claims

In September 2014, it was announced that Yoram Haimi from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel, and Wojciech Mazurek from the Archaeological Division, Chelm, Poland, and a team had discovered the concrete foundations to a building previously covered up by post-war asphalt in the immediate vicinity of a monument at the Sobibór site.

Despite extensive media coverage of the find—and Haimi’s claims that these were the “gas chambers” of Sobibór, there is in reality no evidence that the unearthed foundations are anything else but a building at the camp.

In fact, the unearthing of the foundations created more problems for the Holocaust Storytellers’ narrative than anything else. Previously, it had been claimed that there were three, four, or six “gas chambers” at Sobibór—but the September 2014 “discovery” announced that there were now “apparently” eight “gas chambers”—this based purely on the number of rooms unearthed in the foundations.

Photographs of the 2014 excavation results shows an irregular-shaped building with at least seven differing sized rooms, as can be seen in the image below, released by the researchers.

The foundations unearthed at Sobibór in September 2014: an irregular-shaped building with a number of rooms of different sizes, completely contradictory to the official Holocaust Storyteller narrative of “four square meter chambers.” The irregular size of the rooms is clearly visible in this photograph.

This layout completely contradicts all previous narratives of the Sobibór “gas chambers”, which all claimed that the execution chambers worked with a two-door system and floor extensions on either side of the building. 

These “gas chambers” were, according to the “old” narrative, all the same size (four meters square). On the one side of the “gas chambers,” the Holocaust Storytellers claim, there was a ramp type affair used by the supposed victims to enter the “gas chambers” and, on the other side were supposedly larger doors through which the bodies were removed. As can be seen, the unearthed foundations bear no resemblance to this narrative.

The total lack of any confirming evidence was highlighted by media reports which were careful enough to put in their coverage that the archaeological team had unearthed what they “thought” were the “gas chambers.”

For example, the Israeli Haaretz newspaper quoted Haimi as specifically saying that the unearthed foundations “apparently” served as gas chambers: 

“We have finally found the building that apparently served as the gas chambers,” said Israeli archaeologist Yoram Haimi, who has been coordinating excavations at the site for the past eight years” (“Archaeologists uncover remnants of Sobibór gas chambers”, Haaretz, Sept. 17, 2014).

Israel’s Y-net News also quoted Haimi as saying only that he “believed” he had uncovered the gas chambers: 

"Up until now, we've been waiting for the asphalt to be removed for the construction of the new visitors center, and as soon as it was removed we found this big structure, that we believe housed the Sobibór camp's gas chambers” (“Sobibór's last survivor: There was no time to fear, only to live”, Ynet News, 09.18.14).

In its coverage, the Reuters news agency also pointed out that the archaeologists “believed” they had found the “gas chambers”:

 “Archaeologists excavated beneath the road and found lines of bricks, laid four deep, where they believe the walls of the gas chambers used to stand” (“Archaeologists uncover buried gas chambers at Sobibór death camp”, Reuters,Sep 18, 2014).

The same Reuters article then produced another example of how the Holocaust narrative continually changes: it stated that prisoners were killed in “fifteen minutes with carbon monoxide gas,” and—incredibly—that the Germans kept geese to hide the screams of the dying from other prisoners (!).

The structure of the unearthed foundations—in a place where no-one disputes that there were buildings in the first place—is therefore totally at variance with the “murder facility” claims.

The media coverage given to these excavations is therefore, typically, completely false.

It is also noted with amusement that Ivar Schute from the Netherlands was part of this Sobibór archeological dig team.

The claims about the latest Sobibór “excavations” are clearly as bogus as Schute’s earlier fantasies about “gas chamber tiles” at Treblinka.

In summary:

Firstly, and most importantly, there is no evidence at all these foundations are actually those of “gas chambers.”  

This is simply an invention by the “archeological team” claiming to have found something that they themselves—as evidence in the media coverage outlined above, only “think” and “believe” are gas chambers.

This bears repeating: there is no evidence at all to show that these foundations are actually those of “gas chambers.”

Secondly, the shape of the walls and of the building completely contradict all previous “eye-witness accounts” of “gas chambers” at Sobibór.

Either all the “eye-witnesses” were lying, or they were “mistaken”—or, as is more likely the case, the whole allegation of “gas chambers” is made up.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reviews for The Six Million: Fact or Fiction?


Don't Hate..
By fuller on September 17, 2014
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
What one wants to know is the Truth. Don't believe what they taught you in High School. Think for yourself. Don't Hate... Educate! This is a great learning tool. What you have been taught is a lie. Research, Research, Research.

The most comprehensive overview ever... read it and never be the same.
By Richard Prentice on April 19, 2014
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This has to simply be the best, most comprehensive, well-researched and convincing overview of the holocaust ever written.
It shows how Nazis and Zionists actually worked together before the war, and then moves on to a systematic analysis of all the evidence of what happened after the war broke out.
In here you will read of the actual number of Jews under Nazi control, what the "Final Solution" actually meant, the farce of the Nuremberg Trials, the reality of the Einsatzgruppen in Russia, the truth about Babi Yar, what Adolf Eichmann actually confessed to, the John Demjanjuk Trials, and then a blow-by-blow analysis--with pictures--of each of the major camps, starting with Auschwitz, Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Majdanek, Dachau, Sachsenhausen and Bergen-Belsen.
It then analyzes the "eye-witness" evidence through a dramatic deconstruction of the most-quoted "sources", including an illustrated example of Simon Wiesenthal's fakery.
I cannot recommend this work highly enough--I am convinced it will become the definitive, final word on the holocaust. Read it and be prepared to have your preconceptions of this period of history dramatically revised.

Great Insight.
By Amazon Customer on September 18, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I will never think of WW2 in the same way...great insight..very brave Author thank you.

Five Stars
By Christopher M Olson on September 11, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Excellent holohoax synopsis. The last page is epic!! 


Read without fear of being smeared you are only enquiring.
By richard the little. on 10 Aug 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
I believed the Nuremberg paradigm without question. But the Auschwitz camp toll has been dropped officially from four million to one and a half million by the authorities without the official toll of six million being adjusted accordingly ? I think you should be able to read other opinions on a historic subject without being smeared as a Nazi ! Otherwise it is very Orwellian !

Masterful and scholarly treatment of the Holocaust Story
By FrankD on 2 Aug 2014
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
An incredible book which will tear away the blinkers from anyone who still believes all the lies about World War II. Massive in scope, meticulously researched, brilliantly illustrated, this book addresses every single allegation head-on--and comes out tops each and every time. My personal favorite section is the part which tears apart the recent Sturdy-Colls Treblinka "forensic dig"--where she and her team claimed to have found "gas chamber tiles with Stars of David on them"--as this book shows, they are not Stars of David at all, and in fact the brand mark of a local floor tile factory in the area which still exists to the present-day. This book is so full of dramatic revelations on each page that it will take your breath away. I cannot recommend this book enough. I would give it 20 stars if I could.