Sunday, February 22, 2015

Auschwitz Fakes in Images No. 1: The Treatment of Prisoners--Lies versus Reality

The image of Auschwitz, as promoted by the Holocaust Storytellers and their allies in the mass media, is that Auschwitz was a slave-extermination camp, dedicated only to murdering as many people as possible.

The image which the media and Holocaust Storytellers like to put forward is best summarized by this "survivor" drawing--this time by one David Olère, who claimed to have been at Auschwitz. Note the slave labor conditions, the smoking chimneys . . . . this is how they want Auschwitz to be presented...

The reality of life in Auschwitz was--needless to say--very different to these endless "survivor" lies.

Instead of being dedicated to the "mass murder" of any-and everyone, the Auschwitz Camp had a large number of facilities dedicated to saving the lives of prisoners--including hospitals, dental clinics, recreational facilities, libraries, and so on.

Here follows some images from Auschwitz which the Holocaust Storytellers do not show.

Below: Block 10 at Auschwitz: the prisoner's hospital block. 

Below: A prisoner being X-Rayed at the Auschwitz hospital: once again, why do all this in a supposed "extermination camp" ?

Below, taken from the Yad Vashem (Israel's own "Holocaust memorial organization), a photograph showing prisoners at Auschwitz being treated in the ultra-modern dental clinic at the camp. Note the striped clothes of the prisoners:

Below; It was a regular occurrence for children to be born in the camp. The fiendish Nazis even set up a nursery for the children....even though it is always claimed that they just wanted to murder everyone. This picture from 1942.

When the evil Nazis were not too busy murdering everybody, they also found time to build dining halls for the prisoners. Below, the dining hall at Auschwitz III. Photograph from 1942.

Auschwitz also had its own greenhouse complex to provide food for the prisoners:

Sporting activities were also encouraged: below, a fencing tournament for prisoners at Auschwitz (note the sign in the background). Photograph from 1944.

There were prisoners from all over the world at Auschwitz, not just Jews. The camp had originally been built to accommodate Polish Prisoners of War, and later had many Russian POWS arrive as well. Below, the British POW soccer team at Auschwitz pose for their group photograph.

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  1. Well done! Mr. Winter.looking forward to your new work on the Holocaust religion.